Our mission

When People Need People. Who Care.

Equinoxe LifeCare is committed to providing the most professional, comprehensive and compassionate At Home Healthcare Solutions.

We believe in the healing power of holistic support, and we offer a full range of services designed to facilitate recovery and promote quality of life for our clients and those who love them – all managed expertly for your convenience and peace of mind by our experienced Care Coordinators.

Registered nurses. Nurse’s aides. Companions. Physiotherapists. Occupational Therapists. Osteopaths. Acupuncturists. Massage Therapists. Exercise Specialists. Doctors of Chinese Medicine. Nutritionists… If you need any of these effective aids for your recovery, we are here to provide you with practitioners we know you can trust.

Who we are

Danielle Pollack, MSW


Equinoxe founder, Danielle Pollack MSW, is a Social Worker with a lifelong passion for helping people to improve their lives, and an entrepreneurial spirit of creative problem solving. This combination led her to create a company dedicated to assisting those who are elderly, ill, or disabled to heal, and providing the help they need to live with dignity and as much autonomy as possible.

For over 26 years, her team of professionals at Equinoxe has been dedicated to delivering the highest quality Home Health Care and support services including care management, advocacy, senior care, cancer care, rehabilitation care and end-of-life care to Montrealers of all ages. The ongoing success of Equinoxe, and its reputation for excellence are a testament to Danielle Pollack’s work ethic, and her attention to detail as an owner/manager.

Valuing intelligence, compassion, and efficiency, and insisting on unparalleled staff training, Equinoxe management inspire those who work with them to do whatever it takes to consistently exceed expectations.

Always on the lookout for more and better ways to improve the lives of their clients, Equinoxe has been expanding its Holistic Home Health Care and Home Monitoring options. It has also opened a secure, fully accredited Online Medical Clinic with a team of Physicians and other medical professionals to offer the fastest possible access to medical assistance, and the most convenient and comfortable experience imaginable.

Daniel Martz, MBA


Daniel Martz joined Equinoxe in 2013, bringing 15 years of international, multidisciplinary leadership experience in healthcare, technology, and media.

He holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, a BComm from McGill University with honours, and a DEC in Health Sciences from Marianopolis College with honours.

Daniel is fascinated with the convergence of healthcare and technology, and is excited to be positioning Equinoxe as a catalyst in the quest to make positive healthcare experiences more accessible for all.

LifeCare Managers

The Equinoxe LifeCare Managers are all highly dedicated and experienced professionals who are willing and able to move mountains to make sure our clients are taken care of in every way.

Their depth of knowledge about the health care system means that they can be true advocates for all patients, helping them to navigate the complex relationships between hospitals, doctors, CLSC’s, social workers… so patients get the benefits of all the public services available to them, as well as the best private care possible.

The “can do” attitude of Equinoxe LifeCare Managers positively and powerfully impacts and inspires the entire staff. If you need a caregiver to travel with you, we can find you the right person. We can also make the travel arrangements and get the tickets. If you are our patient and you need help walking your dog, we will find a caregiver who will be happy to do that too. They will go shopping with you, take you to doctors’ appointments… whatever you need, we are there.

Maria Coirazza

As a Children’s Care Coordinator at the Children’s Hospital for 30 years, Maria was responsible for liaising with her team of surgeons, orthodontists and social workers and the parents of the children under their care.

Maria is a caring person who enjoys being on the front line – using her organizational skills and her knowledge of the workings of our health care system to coordinate all aspects of patient care, providing peace of mind for all concerned – even when the only family members live out of town.

Dania Gagnacci

Dania is a Practical Nurse licensed in Ontario and in Quebec. She worked at VHA Home Healthcare, a non-profit provider in Toronto, and Sacre-Coeur Hospital before she became a LifeCare Manager at Equinoxe. She has also taught in the health program for Nursing Assistants and Préposés at CDI College since 2005.

As a result, she has a thorough understanding of the healthcare system, as well as the standards and practices required for all nursing professionals – giving her a great ability to match clients and caregivers.

Victoria Papadimitropoulos

Victoria is a LifeCare Manager who is also in charge of Human Resources. She is responsible for hiring caregivers, making sure they have the best credentials, references, educational pre-requisites, and Equinoxe LifeCare ‘can-do’ attitude. She enjoys meeting with candidates, and helping them find employment.

She is also very dedicated to using her organizational experience to fulfill every client’s needs effectively and efficiently by finding the most appropriate Registered Nurses, RNA’s, Caregivers or Companions for each particular situation.

Gail Vanderwalde

Gail is the After-Hours Care Manager who is always there to “answer the call” and do whatever it takes to make sure that no matter what the situation – whether there is a last-minute caregiver cancellation due to illness, or a patient suddenly needs extra care – clients will always be served without interruption.

She has 30 years of experience, a solid understanding of the way the system works, and a sense of purpose as a dedicated patient advocate who wants to help people experience wellbeing and dignity throughout their health care journey.

Aysha Ahmed

Aysha is a LifeCare Manager who had many years of experience in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry with a focus on customer relations before joining the Equinoxe team.

She enjoys working with people, and is very motivated to provide the highest quality service, and to create the best matches between clients and caregivers.

Dan Muroff

As CFO, Dan brings over 10 years of progressive experience with specific expertise in startups and new project development. He has a passion for identifying opportunities and business processes through a disciplined analytical approach, leveraging his passion for technological innovation to improve operations and the customer experience.

Dan holds an MBA from McGill University with a concentration in technology and innovation management, and a BComm in Management Information Systems from Concordia University.

Yuan Xu

Yuan’s Accounting and technological proficiency, her organizational skills, and her attention to detail make her a valuable asset to the Accounting Department. Yuan is also a great multi-tasker who is committed to supporting the Equinoxe LifeCare team.

Phuong Pham Nguyen

Phuong has more than 20 years of experience in the field of financial accounting. She is dedicated, resourceful, loves a challenge, and has good team spirit. As a manager, Phuong is approachable, and able to lead effectively by positive example.